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Rosy Carrick is a writer, performer, compere, actor and academic based in Brighton. She gives talks, lectures and performances of her own work at events, conferences and festivals around the world, and develops collaborative projects with other creative artists around the UK. In 2016 Rosy completed a PhD on the Russian revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky at Sussex University. She teaches English literature, critical theory, poetry and performance skills at schools, Universities and community settings around the UK, leaving a trail of bewildered lovestruck fools in her wake...

On this site you can find out more about her poetry, her research on Mayakovsky and any other current and recent projects, plus information on upcoming appearances and workshops. A performance showreel can be found here.



“Clever, funny, quarrelsome, querulous, astonishing!” Sabotage Reviews


“Sardonically witty and often surreal […] Carrick is the person you wanted to hang around with at school – wry, cool, erudite and a bit ribald” – Speaker’s Corner


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Rosy Carrick was born in the north-west of England, and now lives in Brighton with her daughter Olive.

She has a BA in English and Writing from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and an MA in Critical Theory and Creative Writing from Sussex University. In 2016 she submitted her PhD on the Russian revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, also at Sussex University. Her book Volodya: Selected Works of Vladimir Mayakovsky (Enitharmon) is out now.

As a poet, Rosy has toured the UK and USA, and has performed at an extensive variety of venues ranging from Glastonbury festival, Bristol Old Vic, the Royal Albert Hall and one section of a three-man tent in a Brighton park. For seven years (until Dec 2015), she ran and compered the Brighton monthly performance poetry event Hammer & Tongue, described by the Guardian as having 'reinvented the medium for the hip hop generation'. Since 2007 she has also co-managed and compered the cult movie-themed cabaret club event Trailer Trash!, and has been co-host of the Latitude festival poetry stage since 2010.

In 2014 Rosy appeared in the 'golf-noir thriller' short film The Swing The Hole and The Lie, written and directed by Barry Adamson, and is currently working on several other film and radio acting projects. Her YouTube series 'Rosy Carrick's Beauty Tips for School', a feminist subversion of regular LA beauty vloggers, has developed into a live act featuring the same character, for performance at cabaret club nights and other events.

Rosy models for a range of art and editorial projects, and is also a life model for various art schools in Brighton. She speaks French and Russian, is a keen time traveller and has a wild fetish for bodybuilders of the classic variety.

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Fantastically scathing and full to the brim with surreal and disgusting imagination, Rosy Carrick's eccentric style, dense rhyme structures and forceful imagery have won her international acclaim, as well as firmly cementing her place as one of the UK's most unusual and exciting contemporary poets. In 2015 she ended her seven year stint as the programmer and co-host of Brighton Hammer & Tongue to focus more on her own work. Long-time host of the Latitude festival poetry stage, she also continues to run and host Brighton’s infamous annual Poets vs. MCs, amongst other projects.



A Blithesome Step Forward

Pain Specific













Rosy Carrick's PhD, Vladimir Mayakovsky: The Language of Revolution, was completed in 2016 at Sussex University, under the supervision of Keston Sutherland. A leading expert in Mayakovsky scholarship, she has given conference papers and lectures on the poet's work in the UK, USA and Russia, and is the editor and co-translator of Volodya: Selected Works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, published by Enitharmon Press. For more information and to buy Volodya, click here. Rosy is currently editing a new publication of Mayakovsky's epic poem 'Vladimir Ilyich Lenin', translated by Dorien Rottenberg. Out of print for over thirty years, it will be released in October 2017 with Smokestack Books, to commemorate the centenary of the Russian revolution.



In 2015, Rosy released an audio cd of excerpts from Mayakovsky's 1923 poem About This. Read by Rosy and George Hyde (who is also its co-translator, with Larisa Gureyeva – the granddaughter of General Vyacheslav Molotov), the cd features an original jazz score by Jonathan Lambert. Veronika Krasnova additionally reads parts of the poem in Russian. It can be bought via Amazon or other online places, or through Rosy by emailing rosy@rosycarrick.com. Copies cost £6 each, plus £2 p&p. Click on the link below to check out the first track.












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upcoming appearances

17-20th Nov

The Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies 2016 Convention Washington DC 'Mayakovsky & The Dreaded Byt'

Since his death, Mayakovsky’s western critics and biographers have insisted that the poet hated every aspect of daily domestic existence, that he abhorred the idea of family, children and even biological production itself. The concept at the heart of these claims is byt, which, in relation to Mayakovsky, has been consistently mistranslated as “the daily grind” with no recourse to the explosive multiplicity of meanings accumulated by it in the early Soviet period.

This mistranslation, and its inevitable impact not only on the western understanding of Mayakovsky’s full political and cultural impact (not least by giving the false impression that he was somewhat of a misogynist) but also on the historical trajectory of particular works translated into English over others (which do not fit the bill), is the subject of my paper, which will examine the phenomenon as part of a wider drive, solidified largely during the Cold War years, to de-emphasise Mayakovsky’s Soviet status in favour of the selective reappropriation of his less manifestly political poems into a more individualistic, “western” context.

19th Jan

14th Annual Poets vs. MCs

Stereotype-smashing verbal elasticity from the UK's sharpest and most unusual collective of lyrical warriors!

Brighton’s legendary annual battle of wits is back, and this time we’re shaking things up!

Pitting a team of rappers and poets against each other in competition for the tightest rhetoric, the wildest imagination and the most dextrous barbs, Poets vs. MCs dismantles the preconceived boundaries of both genres, presenting a showcase of talent that is as ingeniously intelligent as it is entertaining. Featuring straight-out battles, a range of challenges and a live improvised score from spectacular music-makers Normanton Street, this is spoken word... as you've never seen it before!

As always, I shall be hosting, performing and making rappers cry.

Brighton, £5/4

31st Jan

Like Clockwork

Solent Press and Apples and Snakes present Like Clockwork #2 at Solent University. From 4-6pm in room TS310, The Spark Building, I will be giving a talk on my PhD and my book Volodya. This is a free talk and all are welcome to attend. At 6pm I'll do a set of poetry in The Pod.

Southampton, £free

9th Feb

Catalyst Club

My Adventures in Time Travel, by Rosy Carrick.

Brighton, £7

13th Feb

Blah Blah Blah

On the eve of Valentine's Day, Blah can't help but descend into a pit of cynicism and bitterness. We ask is love life's greatest gift? Or does it just plain suck?

Two teams of wordsmiths go head to head to argue each side of the case. Expect soaring ballads, tenderness, pain, bitterness and hilarity from some of the best poets from across the UK. Will Team Love or Team Cynicism win?

Bristol, £7



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For booking, press & any other inquiries please email Rosy directly at rosy@rosycarrick.com